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ER Stop the Violence HeadQuarters OutReach Ministries

ER STOP THE VIOLENCE HEADQUARTERS OUTREACH MINISTRY                                                   




Is to help each individual understand Character.(1 Corinthians 15:46) Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual.

Our goal for ERHOM is to reach out and show our young men and women, that just because of the environment they were born in, raised in or lived in, these conditions do not ultimately determine their future, their future is in the hands of God.

Showing character also includes a person's inner thoughts, motives and attitudes, this is where there healing first starts:Within their Hearts, Minds, and Thoughts. Though hidden,  motives,(indicate the real character of a person)too, are true expressions of the inner man. To change the character of a person, one must go deeper than action. 

We are working with each individual that comes through the ERHOM to help them understand character is not only how a person acts, character does not appear without pressure, the pressures of life test what the Lord has really accomplished in a person's character; to change for the betterment of themselves.

To change oneself and the character of a person, one must be willing to delve deeper than the surface of the issues and use actions through love, patience and a desire to see them recovered and be made free; mind, body and soul.

In order for the change to take place in the mind, first there must understand it is only a mind set. The person must first see and understand where it came from identifying what is not in order and that there are steps that need to be taken to evoke change.

Only when they have accepted that their is a need for a change of mind will we truly be able to begin the process of reaching them.

ERHQOM: Is because we are a living example and we have experience, we know and understand there are many differences and reasons why people over all, end up with so many mind sets in their lives,

(1 Peter 4:12) Beloved. thank it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you.

ERHQOM: Understand and will not end up looking at it as if they are alone in there thoughts.

Rejection, Rape, Drugs and everything else come along with it, which has caused some to be spiritual sick, whether broken relationships, broken families, gang banging, church folk , jail and prison.

Just as if one would go to the ER at the hospital there is a few things which has to take place before one can see the Staff Physicians this is If one is not in shape to go through the process, 

that person need someone else to assist to help by get to the doctor or hospital which is (DOCTOR JESUS)





                   EACH STEP HAS A MEANING

(1) Sign In with the Clerk, and then wait until someone come out and get you for the next step & process, which must take place.

(2) The next person you will see is one who need your basics information, of who you are and what bought you to the hospital.

(3) The next person you will see is one who will check your temp, blood pressure, asking if you are in pain and on a scale from (1-10), how bad is the pain and a little background on your family medical history.

(4) The next person will take you back to the room to be seen. and look over your chart to make sure the Doctor have ever thing he or she would need to give them a little ideal what may be the problem.

(5) The next person to reach out to our young people to help find ways to keep them off the street.

(6) The next person is the Doctor, he may order different tests in order to come up with what the sickness could be.

(7) The doctor will either prescribe at least one of these three things:

      (1) send you home with medications

      (2) keep you in the hospital over night

      (3) keep you in the hospital until they are assured that you have recovered





                                  Founder: Apostle Elizabeth Sanders