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God has all ways been on time we have the
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Goal: $300.00 | Raised: $20.00 Started: November 10, 2014
Ended: December 4, 2014

True Faith Underground Railroad Prayer Line

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  1. Elizabeth - $20.00


Apostle Elizabeth Sanders

Some strong souls are handed seemingly insurmountable odds in their lives, and their strength and integrity are tested time and time again. Pastor Elizabeth Sanders is one such person, but rather than complain and feel sorry for herself, she pushed forward to find the right path. My Life Story: A Living Testimony God Did It shares her experiences in order to help others make right choices during their life journeys.

From the time she was a child, Sanders faced incredible turmoil in her life, including the rape and the witnessing of her brother's murder. From there she passed through life on the streets and had eleven marriages, drug use, a near-death experience, witchcraft, hurtful family schemes, and more - you name it, she has experienced it. But despite this betrayal, trickery, and hardship, Sanders slowly began to discover her own way in life, specifically as she began to recognize the life she had in God's eyes and the leadership role she could take in the church.

Despite feeling like an outcast - and even that Satan himself had put a hit on her life - Sanders knows that as long as she does right in God's eyes, he will see her through. In this respect, My Life Story is not only about Pastor Elizabeth Sanders, but also reveals the redemptive, freeing power of God's love to those who are currently struggling as she has.



Bishop Paul S. Mortan:  Dont 'Do It Without Me